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5th Annual Lend A Paw for Autism Virtual Dog Walk

Brought to you by

and SUNY Fredonia's Music Industry Program

What is a Virtual Dog Walk?

For a minimum $5 donation (see donation link below) your precious pet will be part of our virtual dog walk on HAIL! Fredonia Records social media.

What is HAIL! Fredonia Records?

HAIL! Fredonia Records is part of student applied learning in the SUNY Fredonia Music Industry Program.

Where do the donations go?

All donations go directly to the Institute of Autism Research at Canisius College, working in partnership with HAIL! Fredonia Records.

How do I post my pet on HAIL! Fredonia Records social media?

Your e-mail receipt for your donation will contain instructions.

What if I do not have a pet?

A donation can be made with the second link, with all donations going to the Institute for Autism Research, benefiting children with autism.

Every penny donated will benefit the Institute for Autism Research (IAR) and will be used to reduce tuition for IAR programs and for research and development of interventions for children with autism spectrum disorder and their families. The IAR's goal is to ensure that a family’s inability to pay will never be a reason their child cannot participate in our programs!

HAIL! Fredonia Records is a student-run record label at SUNY Fredonia under the advisement of platinum selling record producer and manager, Armand Petri.